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  • Nuevos Sets de Acrílico GOYA de 6 y 12 Colores de 70 mL
    ACRÍLICO GOYA ** New Sets of 6 and 12 Colours in 70 ml Tubes
    May 24, 2016
    If you want to get started in the acrylic technique or just give inspiration, TITAN makes  it very easy for you!

    TITAN Range of Fine Arts and Handicrafts has recently launched two attractive and useful sets (a colour chart is also provided on the back side), with a selection of 6 and 12 colours of Acrílico Estudio GOYA, in 70 ml tubes. Design, quality and a great price

    Get to know the rest of colours by clicking here. Learn more
  • New MONTANA SHOP in Barcelona
    New MONTANA SHOP in Barcelona
    As of December 2015, there is now a second Montana Shop located in the heart of Barcelona’s Gracia neighborhood. This marks a return to the same unique neighborhood that witnessed the birth of the company over 23 years ago, and possibly, the first graffiti shop in the world: Game Over Shop (later on, Bunker Store).

    Montana Colors (MTN) presents a new self-serve shop concept, where you will be able to find all of the MTN products related to graffiti, as well as an exclusive selection of fine arts, crafts, decoration, illustration, and calligraphy products among others.

    The space also features a garden area equipped with a beautiful “atelier” for conducting workshops, courses, and conferences.

    Come over and meet us! Learn more
  • ROYAL TALENS estará presente en ARCO
    ROYAL TALENS estará presente en ARCO
    24-28 febrero 2016
    Royal Talens estará presente en ARCO, la feria internacional de arte contemporáneo de Madrid. Se sumará a la celebración de los 25 años de la sección cultural de ABC, coincidiendo además, con los 35 años de la feria. Royal Talens colaborará con el stand de ABC cultural en el que 11 artistas seleccionados por Javier Díaz-Guardiola, coordinador de las secciones de arte y arquitectura, trabajaran in situ. Learn more
  • TITAN ARTS and its new CHALK PAINT range
    TITAN ARTS and its new CHALK PAINT range
    18 December 2015
    Renewing furniture is trendy and so is the pleasure of doing it yourself. TITAN has recently launched a new range of paints which are perfect for decorating furniture and many other items. TITAN CHALK PAINT is composed of 14 ultra matt, easy-to-sand vintage colours. They have a chalk-like look and provide an effortless perfect finish. The CHALK PAINT Wax and Matt Varnish complete this versatile and compact range. Learn more
  • ¡NUEVO! ECOLINE BRUSH PEN (Rotulador Punta Pincel)
    ¡NUEVO! ECOLINE BRUSH PEN (Rotulador Punta Pincel)
    23 Mayo 2016
    Talens Ecoline Ecoline Brush Pen es muy fácil de usar. Útil cuando se viaja y es ideal cuando se trabaja en un lugar que necesita ser mantenido limpio.

    Ecoline Brush Pen está listo para su uso inmediato y sin olor. Se puede utilizar el Ecoline Brush Pen para las líneas finas y precisas o enérgicas, sino también para el llenado de color de gran tamaño. El Brush Pen también es adecuado tanto para un boceto rápido como para añadir toques finales. Learn more
  • ACUALUX MATE ... one single paint for the most trendy applications
    ACUALUX MATE ... one single paint for the most trendy applications
    31 march 2016
    In addition to the intense tones previously available, we have recently expanded our most creative range with 20 new shades, soft and vintage. With this development, you can imagine a whole world of chromatic possibilities for your works. Now you can choose among 41 tones. Discover them in the colour chart. Learn more
  • SIO-2 en la feria CREATIVEWORLD (Frankfurt)
    SIO-2 en la feria CREATIVEWORLD (Frankfurt)
    30 Enero - 2 Febrero 2016
    Como cada año, CERAMICA COLLET S.A. ha participado en la feria internacional CREATIVEWORLD en Frankfurt, la mayor feria del mundo del sector creativo. El acontecimiento reúne los principales fabricantes y distribuidores de bellas artes y ocio creativo.

    Ver galería de fotos aquí Learn more
  • Rotuladores y Pintura Base Agua de MONTANA COLORS
    Rotuladores y Pintura Base Agua de MONTANA COLORS
    Montana Colors presenta una gama de rotuladores y recargas al agua ideal para trabajos artísticos, manualidades y bellas artes. Productos totalmente compatibles con nuestra pintura en spray Water Based así como la mayor parte de productos de bellas artes (acrílicos, sprays al disolvente Montana Colors, etc). Learn more