ACUALUX MATE ... one single paint for the most trendy applications

ACUALUX MATE ... one single paint for the most trendy applications
In addition to the intense tones previously available, we have recently expanded our most creative range with 20 new shades, soft and vintage. With this development, you can imagine a whole world of chromatic possibilities for your works. Now you can choose among 41 tones. Discover them in the colour chart.

ACUALUX MATE is a range of water-based paint, to be used with the most trendy decorative techniques, because it is:

- Suitable for making colour WRITING BOARDS *
- Easy to SAND * *
- Both for INDOOR and OUTDOOR use

* Once dry, this paint allows turning any upright surface into a writing board which is resistant to soft chalk sticks and the repeated erasing and cleaning.

** As a high quality paint, it is important to select the suitable sandpaper for the required wear look. For renovation techniques on wood furniture, in the chalk paint style, colour over colour, we suggest sandpaper number 120. If you prefer softer sanding, ACUALUX MATE provides a hardwearing finish even without any topcoat varnish at all.

*** ACUALUX MATE adheres very well on many materials: wood, plaster, metal, glass, china and plastics. In non porous surfaces, after 30 days the paint dry film acquires its best adhesion and resistance. Bearing in mind the wide variety of possibilities and techniques available, we always recommend previous tests.

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