Since 1874
Pol. Ind. L'Olana s/n
E-08292 Esparreguera, BARCELONA (Spain)
P.O. Box 205
T. +34 93 777 23 44
F. +34 93 770 94 11
Founded in 1874, we are a company which manufactures ceramic clay bodies for industry, pottery and artistic ceramics, and modeling clay for education, fine arts and crafts.

The products of the "Ceramic line" are manufactured under the corporate brand SIO-2 and consist of a wide range of ceramic bodies for low fire, high fire, special bodies and porcelain.

The "Arts & Crafts line" includes brands SIO-2 PLUS, SIO-2 COLORPLUS, SIO-2 ARGILA and FLUMO, corresponding to clays with different properties (self-hardening, colored, liquid, etc.), and other Craft products: a wide range of mosaic, paints and complementary items for modelling.

Our concern is to innovate, developing products made with natural clays which, in its many applications, meet the needs of our customers. Our Quality System, certified according to ISO 9001:2008, is the setting for continuous improvement. Social Responsibility and respect and care for the environment are two fundamental points in the philosophy of our firm.
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