Escoda Sabatés S.A.

The art of making brushes sinde 1933
c/Joaquín Costa 47. 08206. Sabadell (Barcelona)
The tenacity of 78 years devoted to a unique and increasingly specific activity enables Escoda to compare the writer’s quill or the sculptor’s chisel to the seismograph and a brush, as they all transmit the sensitivity of the artist, converting his or her inspiration into art.

There are no machines to make quality artist brushes. Our machines are our hands, nails, fingertips, touch, intuition and the innate skill of every operator with their many years of practice and experience. All these qualities combine to perform the miracle of creating a brush.

The brush is quite a modest tool but without its invention immortal works of painting would not have been conceived. Pick up an Escoda brush, enjoy its contact with your hands, experience its sweetness, confirm its docility, observe its behaviour and verify its durability. Whether you are trying it brand new, already used or unusable due to its age, it will always be your faithful friend.
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