Talens Cobra Study

Talens Cobra Study

In 2010 Royal Talens launched Cobra, an innovative line of water mixable oil colours named after the high-profile, post-war art movement Cobra. The Cobra line responds perfectly to the ever more critical demands of the modern artists. As Cobra is an oil paint that can easily be mixed using water, artists no longer need any harmful solvents such as white spirit. And that is much better for your health. In addition, it is easy to use and can be combined with various techniques. Cobra has therefore been received enthusiastically all over the world.
Now in 2013 Royal Talens is ready for another launch: Cobra Study. Cobra Study is an attractively priced line of water mixable oil colours. It shares a number of benefits with the previously introduced Cobra line, which as of now will continue under the name Cobra Artist. Special solvents are no longer required, the paint can just be mixed with water. This allows it to be used anywhere. Furthermore, you simply clean your hands and materials using soap and water. And by adding a lot of water, you can even create water colour effects.
Cobra Study water mixable oil colours gives the same wonderful results as ordinary oil colours. With the same brush stroke and hardly any changes of colour as time goes by. And yet with Cobra Study you can paint at an affordable price.
Using Cobra Study, Royal Talens wants to make the market for water mixable oil colours accessible for beginning artists and students at art academies.
The Cobra Study range is easily recognised by the young, modern look of its packaging and consists of 40 colours in 40 ml and 200 ml tubes. In addition, there are starter sets in various sizes and the line has an extensive range of auxiliaries (varnishes and painting mediums).
The introduction of Cobra Study is supported by Royal Talens through the website (http://www.cobra.royaltalens.com), Facebook http://www.facebook.com/cobra.wmo, colour charts, posters and sample packs. What’s more, Cobra will travel the country with a special Cobra Study Academy Tour. During this tour experienced artists will give presentations and distribute free samples.
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