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“Mastering your inspiration.
Looking at the world behind the reality. Feeling how the elements adapt to a single will. Working with colours and techniques that give shape to this deepest of inspiration.
That is art.”

Creative expression to share
Royal Talens inspires. For more than 100 years now we have been stimulating creative expression worldwide; by developing high-quality brands and products that stimulate people to paint and draw. We use the worldwide recognition that our brands enjoy and our in-depth knowledge of the markets and their needs to facilitate and support professional and amateur artists throughout the world in producing new work.
Royal Talens’ innovative character stimulates us to continue innovating.
We encourage creative amateurs and professionals all over the world to push back their boundaries and to ‘rediscover’ themselves. We believe that creative expression is very important; a passion to share and to develop further. For you, for everyone.
On the basis of this notion we would like to contribute to the success of your business and clients, by providing you a broad support with our Fine Art products.

Brand with a good reputation

Rembrandt - The Professional Choice
A legendary name for a range that is known for its superior and unparalleled quality. Developed through pure skill and artistic insight and based on the best raw materials.

Cobra - Infinite Freedom
The possibility offered by Cobra water mixable oil colours are endless. You can experiment as never before, wherever and whenever you want because now solvents are no longer necessary.

Van Gogh - The Quality Brand
Contemporary and wide range of painting and drawing products, especially developed for the serious hobby painter. High quality products, with some extraordinarily pleasing properties, which make painting a true pleasure.

Amsterdam - All Acrylics
The acrylic brand par excellence that offers you everything you need: an extensive palette of basic colours, a more advanced palette and a complete range of auxiliaries. Amsterdam has it all..

ArtCreation - for the artist in you
ArtCreation opens the door to very pleasurable painting: it offers a complete range of painting products at an attractive price, without compromising on the quality and the reliability.

Decorfin – Create Your World
Decoration Paint suitable for glass, ceramics, Wood, textiles and paper. The Decorfin quality challenges you to discover your many possibilities.

Talens auxiliaries y accessories
Moreover Talens can offer you a wide range of canvases, easels, auxiliaries, graphic products, painting knives and brushes, colouring products for children, accessories.
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