Unusual Uses Video of the MIR Acrylic Modeling Paste

Characteristics: In current techniques, textures are often incorporated into the works, which is why it is important that these effects are made with high quality materials to avoid subsequent defects. The MIR Modelling Paste for making textures are formulated with pure acrylic resins and pigments of high quality and fineness. They are flexible and easy to mix with the acrylic colors, providing a range of possibilities that are very appreciated by the artists.

Uses: They are applied pure or mixed with acrylic colors or can be used as a base on which the color is then applied. Specials to obtain textures on any type of clean, dry and fat free surfaces (tile, glass, plastic, fabric, metal, etc.), can be worked with stencil, spatula or brush.

Tip's: They increase the consistency of acrylic colors, watercolors and tempera.
They can be mixed with all kinds of water-based materials. Also thanks to your
High binder power is very useful for imparting powder pigment fillings.

Watch video in English here
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